thom_media_cutWhat is our job at Thaihom Media Consulting?

Thaihom Media Consulting supports and promotes the development, realisation, financing and commercialization of TV-series. There are many ideas for series. But how does one get an idea finally onto the screen? How does an animation project capture the hearts of the young – and not so young – viewers? What steps does a project have to go through whilst being developed? Thaihom Media Consulting will be present along every step of the way- from a project’s development to its realization, from the idea to a TV series, then its financing, and until the commercialization of a successful brand.

It all starts with Script Consulting: How sustainable is an idea? What do the characters bring to the project? How is the narration in the storyline structured? What is the target audience? How are the stories presented in the script? Does the visual concept correspond to the drive of the story? What is the multimedia-potential?

Other questions concerning licensing and marketing lie at the heart of Licensing Consulting: Which broadcaster could be interested? To which distribution profile is a project more suited? How wide is the range of licensing? How do we approach the decision makers? What is the potential for merchandising? How do we get the right partners on board?

Without a realistic financing plan, a project is condemned from the start. Are the subsidies, the license fees of the broadcasters and the guaranteed contribution of the world distribution company sufficient? Who is filling the financial gap? What kind of guarantees are requested if there is a third financial partner involved in the financing? Which financial institutions or investors are operating in that area?

Thaihom Media Consulting consists of a worldwide network of experienced professionals from all branches involved in the development of TV-Series: experts in story-telling, directing, animation, producing, marketing, licensing and financing.